Me and my wife, Erin.



My name is Andrew Francis Barton and I live in the heart of the free world. I have a fantastic wife and three kids. My dog is a pound puppy and now that he’s old and neglected (because of the kids) he eats his own poop. We all just deal with it because we love him.

I love drawing. I’m a Christian. I have lived in Japan and England. I’m prone to over analyzation. I love all things Tolkien. I like to imagine I’m an intellectual. My wife makes fun of me and calls me The Professor. Secretly, I wish I was The Professor. I like to learn (or fail) on the job. I love audiobooks. I’m conservative. I enjoy baking bread. I wish I were braver than I actually am. I love the mountains, but I live by the sea. I’m naturally an introvert. I love being my own boss.

I am SUPER blessed to be able to use creativity to make a living. I try to remember that every day. Sometimes I succeed.