Bringing a project to completion is no easy task. For me, the fun part is in the beginning when I’m solving all the problems and exploring possibilities. But nothing beats the satisfaction I feel when I finish something. Here’s a handful of projects I’m super proud of.

Heyward the Horse

In 2018, I wrote and illustrated my first children’s book, “Heyward the Horse Loves Charleston, Of Course!”. Heyward takes visitors on a carriage ride past a variety of Charleston area landmarks and attractions. And with his magical bow tie, Heyward is able to fly his carriage over the Holy City, pointing out the marshes, plantations and the beaches.

Since the book launched, thousands of copies have been sold online and at Charleston area retailers. A second book in the Heyward series is nearing completion!

100 Days of Worry

In 2016 I undertook a well-known artistic endeavor called the 100-day challenge. Every day, for 100 days, the artist creates a piece of art. For the theme, I chose something humorous and personal: worry. In addition to the conceptual element, I used this time to practice learning a new program (Clip Studio Paint) and a new way of creating digital art (a Wacom tablet). I’m still proud of the results which you can see on Instagram.

2019 Inktober

Inktober occurs every October. For 31 days, artists create a black and white ink drawing based on a prompt word. My focus for 2019 was adding people to every image. 

Here’s an more in-depth post about the project.

Barton Bunker Radio Show

In 2020, as the world went on lockdown for coronavirus, I decided to launch a daily family podcast. The main purpose was to give our extended friends and family an update on how life was going in our bunker. After two  weeks, I realized I couldn’t keep up with a daily schedule, but I still occasionally release an episode.

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Fuel Runner

Ever heard of a Game Jam? It’s when nerds challenge each other to make a video game in a short amount of time. In this case, my old pal Stephen and I participated in the 72-hour Ludum Dare game jam. To be honest, it’s not how I prefer to spend my weekends.

BUT, I love the game we came up with. In fact, it’s the oldest project on this list. You can play it right in your browser.

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